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The m88官方下载 RKN e1 is a one pallet size container, it has an active temperature control system and utilizes compressor cooling and electric heating technology, to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for smaller shipments.  

The RKN e1 container maintains product temperatures in the +2 to +8 °C range, controlled room temperature (+15 to +25 °C) range or at any chosen set temperature between ±0 to +25 °C. 

Ensuring Seamless Handling Throughout your Supply Chain  

The m88官方下载 RKN e1 is a certified air cargo ULD (Unit Load Device). A ULD can be carried on board the most common types of wide body aircrafts. Moreover, ULD's often get prioritized cargo status, are tracked in airlines fleet management and have a quick transfer process. These factors improve the fleet management, traceability and priority onboard of ULD's, compared to non-ULD, reducing the risk of shipment delays. 

Open Platform 

m88官方下载 is an open platform service provider – our products are made available worldwide through a range of partners in the airline and forwarding industry. Contact m88官方下载 to test the m88官方下载 RKN e1 container.

Features & Performance

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  • Electrical heating and compressor cooling for flexible set temperature depending on shipping requirements
  • Rechargeable batteries that can be recharged at standard AC-power connection points  
  • Enhanced air circulation inside the container ensures a low-temperature gradient within the cargo space  
  • An easy to use control unit allowing simple operation of the container  
  • Data logging functionality  
  • Forkliftable even when fully loaded, eliminating the need of roller beds
  • Lightest active RKN solution in the market 


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RKN e1 Container

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